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Science Events Planning and Management

Organisers: University of Zurich and ETH Zurich (Life Science Zurich)

Trainer: Dr. Samer Angelone MORE INFORMATION

Dates: 15 October and 26-28 November 2021 (+ half day in December, date and venue tbd during the course)


Workshop Description

Scientific events (conferences, film festivals, symposiums, expositions and workshops) are at the heart of scientists' professional career, since they provide invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, science outreach and exploring new fields. Moreover, scientific events’ organizing offers early career researchers an opportunity to develop transferable skills attractive to multiple industries.

There are many challenges in science events’ organizing: starting with defining goals, risks, resources, target audience and stakeholders, and not ending with fundraising and advertising. Additionally, organizers should make science events enjoyable experiences that add exciting breaks to the usual routine in laboratory, field and classroom, especially scientific events that aim to break science-public barriers. 

Unfortunately, the skills for science events’ organizing lie outside the training of the academic scientists. 


The 4th. Global Science Film Festival is a unique opportunity for young researchers to participate in the organisation of a science event. The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with theoretical and practical understanding of science events organizing using the GSFF as a platform:

I. Theory (1 day): Zurich University, 15 October 2021

  • Participants learn the different phases of science events organization: Conception & Initiation, Definition & Planning, Launch/Execution, Performance & Control, and Close/Evaluation.

  • Participants learn the basic of how to plan and manage science-related conferences, film festivals, symposiums, expositions and workshops, with special focus on the Swiss scene.

  • Special focus on the planning and management of the Global Science Film Festival.

  • Participants make small groups, up to their interest and tasks (see practical part)

II. Practice (3 days): 4th Global Science Film Festival (Filmpodium Cinema, Zurich), 26-28 November 2021

  • Working in the planning and management of the Global Science Film Festival 2019. Participants will be divided in small groups and assist in the following:

  • Film program coordination with the cinema (Filmpodium)

  • Coordination of jury short films 

  • Coordination of jury full-length films 

  • Organization and presentations of the debates “filmmaker and scientist”

III. Report and evaluation

  • Participants have to present a short report about what they learned from the course, and how would they use the gained knowledge and experiences in the future of their career

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