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Award Ceremony Koni Steffen's Awards 2020-2021

Michael Hengartner

President of the Award Ceremony


President of ETH Board

Hengartner is the President of the ETH Board. He served as Rector of the University of Zurich (UZH) and as President of swissuniversities. In 1994 he was awarded his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate H. Robert Horvitz. After that, he headed a research group at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the USA until 2001. In 2001, he was appointed to the newly established Ernst Hadorn Endowed Professorship at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the UZH. Hengartner completed an Executive MBA at IMD Lausanne and has been honoured with numerous awards for his ground-breaking research on the molecular basis of apoptosis, including the Swiss National Latsis Prize in 2006. In 2010, he received the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching from the University of Zurich. Michael Hengartner was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Sorbonne University in 2016. 

Walking Ibex



The winning films in each category are awarded with a “Walking Ibex” award. 

The “Walking Ibex” imitates Alberto Giacometti's style in the iconic sculpture “L'Homme qui marche I (The Walking Man I)”.


The awards are

  • Grand Prix, best full-length film 2021

  • Best director, full-length film 2021

  • Best short film 2020 & 2021

  • Best scientist-as-filmmakers 2020 & 2021

  • The Academy award for “Science Communication 2021

The Swiss Science Film Academy award for SCIENCE COMMUNICATION 2021 goes to Andreas Moser for his contributaion to science and nature communciation through his program Netz Nature in SRF (1988-2021)

The prize-giving ceremony takes place simultaneously in Zurich and Bern on Sunday (28 November) at 19:15. The ceremony is presided by Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner (President of ETH Board). 

The Award Ceremony 2020-2021 is dedicated to Koni Steffen.

KONI STEFFEN was director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) and a former director of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His passion was the Polar Regions and he devoted his career to research on climate change and the cryosphere in the Arctic and Antarctic. Koni contributed to the Swiss Science Film Academy as a juror and scientific expert. We sadlylost him in an accident in 2020 near a research station he created there 30 years back.

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