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Award Ceremony 2023

The prize-giving ceremony takes place simultaneously in Zurich and Lugano on Sunday (2 April) at 19:20.

The Award Ceremony includes the screening of the film All That Breathes.

The ceremony is presided by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark (Vice President Research of the University of Zurich) 

elisabeth stark.png

President of the Award Ceremony


Vice President Research 

University of Zurich

Stark has been Vice President Research of the University of Zurich since 2020. She is a full professor of Romance linguistics specializing in French. She holds a PhD from the  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich. Stark worked at the chair of Romance linguistics at LMU as a teaching and research assistant, and following her habilitation in 2003 as a senior teaching and research assistant. In the same year, she took over the substitute chair for French and Italian linguistics at the Department of Romance Literatures and Linguistics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and in April 2004 was offered a full professorship for Romance linguistics at the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures at Freie Universität Berlin. There she also served as Vice Dean of Studies of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities before accepting the professorship in Zurich in 2008.

Walking Ibex



The winning films in each category are awarded with a “Walking Ibex” award. 

The “Walking Ibex” imitates Alberto Giacometti's style in the iconic sculpture “L'Homme qui marche I (The Walking Man I)”.


The awards are

  • Grand Prix, best full-length film 2023

  • Best director, full-length film 2023

  • Best short film 2023

  • Best scientist-as-filmmakers 2023

  • The Academy award for “Science Communication 2023

The Swiss Science Film Academy award for SCIENCE COMMUNICATION 2023 goes to the team of the program SRF 'Einstein'.

«Einstein» is a science program on Swiss television SRF 1. It was named after the Swiss physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein. «Einstein» is an in-house production of Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). Its goal is to inform, educate as well as to entertain the public with fascinating stories from all the areas of science.

«Einstein» started in April 2007 and has since been broadcast every Thursday at 9pm. With its popular approach to science, «Einstein» has managed to establish itself as one of the few science programmes within Europe that is broadcast during TV prime time and therefore reaches a big audience within Switzerland. 

Its goal is both to bring science closer to the general public and to give the audience scientific insights with regard to relevant and newsworthy topics.

The 36-minute programme is hosted by Kathrin Hönegger and Tobias Müller.

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