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Photography for Scientists

Organisers: University of Zurich and ETH Zurich (Life Science Zurich)

Partner: Zoo Zurich

Trainer: Dr. Samer Angelone MORE INFORMATION

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University of Zurich and ETH (Zurich Life Science Zurich) 2018 2020

Workshop Description

Science and science communication rely heavily and extensively on photography. This includes recording, illustrating and explaining scientific studies for teaching, divulgation and publication. The aim of this workshop is to teach scientists to be more "visually literate", which will empower them to more effectively communicate their science.

This practice-focused workshop will include photo-shooting sessions in Zoo Zurich and different laboratories from Zurich University and ETH.

Programme information

Day 1: 

  • Photographic equipment: cameras, lens, lights, tripods…etc.

  • The art of photography: framing, composition, colors…etc.

  • Storytelling photography (mood, emotion, narrative, ideas, messages)

Day 2: 

  • Classical photographic disciplines: portraiture, landscape, studio, photojournalism, travel photography…etc.

  • Photographic tools in science: event/field/experimental photography, macro, time-lapse, underwater photography…etc.

  • Green screen photography

  • Photo-editing


Individual Performance and Assessment

In order to obtain the ECTS point, you are required to actively participate in the theory and practice during the course days, including the photo-shooting sessions in Zoo Zurich. 


Used tools

Canon & GoPro cameras, different lighting material and editing software Adobe Camera Raw & Adobe Photoshop. 

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