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is the Swiss international showcase of films with Science (all disciplines), Environment and/or Nature focuses


 Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and Science Film School


The Global Eco Film Festival (GEFF) is the Swiss international showcase of films with science (all disciplines), environment and/or nature focuses.


The GEFF aims to advance public understanding of science, environment and nature through the power of film, and it serves as a networking platform for international scientists (all disciplines), environmentalists, naturalists, producers and broadcasting commissioners, with representatives from commerce and politics.


This GEFF presents documentary and fiction films (all lengths). All screenings are free, and all are open to the public.


Together with the annual film festival, year-round events and educational programs will take place. 



Scientists (all disciplines), environmentalists and naturalists study and protect the world in which we live, whereas filmmakers interpret and divulge this knowledge and expertise to society. There is often a gap, nonetheless, between researchers on the one side and filmmakers on the other. Ideally, (i) scientists, environmentalists and naturalists should benefit from the inspirational, educational, and motivational power of films to communicate knowledge and expertise, and to raise awareness about the threats to our planet, and (ii) filmmakers should be able to accurately interpret scientific and ecological issues with solid background knowledge.



 promotes a high-level dialogue and networking between scientists (all disciplines), environmentalists, naturalists and filmmakers 


  • Promote networking between scientists (all disciplines) environmentalists and naturalists on the one side and filmmakers on the other.

  • Train and encourage scientists, environmentalists and naturalists to produce their own films by offering workshops and master classes.

  • Change the way such researchers communicate their studies, in order to make them more accessible and more comprehensible to a general audience.

  • Give new talented filmmakers with scientific and environmental expertise an opportunity to present their products.

  • Offer cinema fans new filmography unavailable at local cinemas.

  • Raise awareness of the most important scientific and environmental issues, and the ways in which these are presented on films.


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